Before we could be accepted by others, we first had to gain confidence in ourselves.

And we were reborn again under the name Beast.

We grew from one to two to three members…and so on.

Now we are six…together with each other and with all of you.

Right now, this moment is the happiest for us.

To give a little something in return for the unconditional love you’ve always given to us, we will perform as Beast and try to give you joy through our songs as long as we can.

Thank you.

We have everlasting love for all of you.

Beast [111205 United Cube Concert, London]

…just wait til the end ok.

I’m so sad it’s over…but so happy to have experienced it all…
Sorry for the lack of updates - I’ve been living out of a suitcase for the past 3 months. But I’m happy. So happy.I have never loved a band as much as I love Beast.

I’m so sad it’s over…but so happy to have experienced it all…

Sorry for the lack of updates - I’ve been living out of a suitcase for the past 3 months. But I’m happy. So happy.I have never loved a band as much as I love Beast.

I don’t wanna say goodbye~

In 10 days, Beast Is The B2st will be 1 years old. I started this tumblr on December 17th 2009, shortly after the Elle Girl shoot was released. At the time, there was already a fuckyeah for Beast (fuckyeahb2st) which I reblogged like a bitch and I was also running fuckyeahyongjunhyung (for my own personal, perverse pleasure.) Suffice to say, it didn’t take long for me to fall irreversibly in love with the whole band - following tumblrs dedicated to them wasn’t enough. I just had this feeling…they were special? I don’t know. I just knew they weren’t a mere Rookie band, that their success would go far beyond one catchy single. So I created this place, as a personal log of their growth as a band; every concept, single, dodgy haircut, scandal - I wanted to keep track of everything, so I could look back and laugh/cry/gush/swoon…fangirl. I never expected to reach as many followers as I have right now: honestly, to all 6000+ of you. Thank you.

I wanted to give personal shoutouts to all the people who have been following this tumblr from the beginning but there are so many of you. How the hell did you stick with me for so long? I love you all for loving Beast and trusting that they would make it this far.

A really big thank you to all the Beast-related tumblrs who regularly reblog from me, especially fuckyeahsohndongwoon and fuckyeahdongwoon. I know you guys don’t have to especially when the sources are provided, re-posting would be easy - so I really appreciate that you do.

Also a really big thank you to everyone at omonatheydidnt and soompi and anywhere else who sources this tumblr. I’m not really active on livejournal and other sites anymore but it’s always nice to see this blog credited, instead of just lurked for posting elsewhere. I’ve never maintained this place for popularity or notes, but I understand how important it is to source in the Kpop fandom - I work really hard to make sure the correct people are credited so it gets a little disheartening seeing photos I’ve cleaned up and links I’ve searched for re-posted, without leaving credits in. I’ve wanted to privatise this tumblr more than once but my love for Beast surpasses all my selfish needs (thankfully) so I will keep stanning and spreading the Beast love for as long as I can.

To all the KB2uties I’ve pissed off along the way…uhm. 미안합니다. I’m sorry. 지나간 일. Bygones. I hope we’re cool now.

Anyway, I know this place is just a tumblr to all of you and this entire thing is really cheesy and unnecessary but I owe a lot to this place. It’s crazy but without it, I would never have gotten to see and meet and stan Beast irl this summer. I would never have bagged such amazing, 1st Class tickets to their 1st Concert this winter. Most importantly, I would never have met so many amazing people I am proud to call my friends. You guys make being in this fandom so much fun - regardless of bias, all the B2uties I know are the sweetest, chillest, nicest, kindest people I’ve ever met. I can always count on you to understand my cray, to bring the lolz, to seob n stan with me. And all the B2uties I don’t know - excuse me, why don’t I know you?

The messages I get thanking me for updating every day…honestly, maintaining this tumblr is more a joy than a chore. I’ve been failing in updating recently, I know, but this place is my de-stresser - it sounds sad but I totally lurk myself when I’m down because Beast bring me such happiness. They always manage to pull me out of my shit storms and make me laugh at all the bad things in my life. I hope my tumblr has cheered you up when you’ve felt a bit shit, I hope it’s made you smile or laugh be it through photos of the boys or my ridiculous tags.

I’m leaving for Seoul in a few hours. I’m sure you all know what for. To all the people who can’t be there with me: I will enjoy this concert so hard for you. I know how much being there for Beast’s 1st Con means to me so I can imagine how much it would mean to some of you, too. I will try my best to memorise every single detail; every epic face Doojoon pulls, every quirky thing Hyunseung says, every sexy look Junhyung gives, every perfect note Yoseob sings, every cute (then dirty!!) thing Kiki does and every hilarious move Dongwoon makes, for the b2stest fan account I can manage when it’s over.

And to all the people who will be there: drop me a message in my ask! I’ll be in Seoul for two weeks - let’s stan Beast together! Take me to music shows! I’m nice, I promise.

Be back soom~

Li, BeastistheB2st.

So I’m weak and couldn’t help ripping the audio from the ‘Lights Go On Again’ teaser…

And this was my captcha.

What are the fucking chances…? B2uty for life, on the real.