Beast is back.


Before we could be accepted by others, we first had to gain confidence in ourselves.

And we were reborn again under the name Beast.

We grew from one to two to three members…and so on.

Now we are six…together with each other and with all of you.

Right now, this moment is the happiest for us.

To give a little something in return for the unconditional love you’ve always given to us, we will perform as Beast and try to give you joy through our songs as long as we can.

Thank you.

We have everlasting love for all of you.

Beast [111205 United Cube Concert, London]
United Cube London

Giving away a seating ticket to UCube - no catches, no gimmicks. If you’re a B2uty (/Cube stan) and you’re in London on Monday 5th December and you or someone you know is in need of a ticket, just let me know asap, via my askbox or you can tweet me here.

(Please only message me if you’re 100% serious and realistically able to attend the concert.)

For all who are preparing themselves for a Cube-stanning week: Beast, along with 4Minute and G.NA will be landing at Heathrow Airport on Sunday 4th of December at 5.30pm Terminal 1 - Hyunseung and Hyuna will be arriving the next morning. B2uties, 4nias and G.NIs please come and show your support (in as calm and orderly a manner as you can manage!!) I look forward to meeting and seeing all of you! (if you’re going will you be wearing…a tumblr nametag? Should I? Is that creepy..?)

Thank you to everyone who has been following this tumblr for the 2 years I’ve been running it, regardless of when you discovered Beast and how (in)active I’ve been when real life stanning takes over. I read all my messages even when I have no time to reply and I’m always flabbergasted at how sweet, supportive and crazy you guys are. Now my adventures have taken me full circle and Beast are finally performing in my city! I know I speak for all of us when I say I’ve had faith in them from the beginning, it was just a matter of time - AND THE TIME IS NOW.

Everybody, enjoy yourselves! And to those not attending - don’t worry - Beast will make it to your part of the world. They will!!

Look how far how our boys have come. And they’re finally, finally coming to my city next month. I’m so proud. I always knew they’d make it.


Help needed!

Any Thai B2uties know of anybody selling tickets to this Saturday’s fanmeet? I’m looking for a pair, preferably the THB3500 or THB2500 tickets.

I know it’s super last minute but I hadn’t planned on going to the Thailand fanmeet…however I just found out one of my best buddies is a fanboy and both the Malaysia and Singapore fanmeets were awesome…so I thought I’d give it a try.

Thank you for any help you can give me :)

(Sorry this blog is dead - again! I’ll be back soonish!)

Contact: twitter / ask

Hallo, this was my morning l o l

Asia tour kicks off today! Are you excited?!?!




110605 SBS Inkigayo - 4th Win/1st Mutizen for Fiction and Encore

I can’t believe they have 9 music show awards already. So proud.

Dongwoon ;;

110605 SBS Inkigayo - Fiction



110604 MBC Music Core - Fiction